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Chart Farm is a family run farm based in Sevenoaks, Kent. Seb Peterson and the team are passionate about providing their customers with top quality, seasonal produce, either reared by them or sourced locally from farmers who share their values. They truly believe in traditional farming, which for them means looking after animals in a natural and ethical way. This is reflected in the flavour and quality of the meat.

For over thirty years they have supplied the local area with their venison. Their deer, mostly fallow and sika are raised on 400 acres of pasture and woodland and spend their lives free to roam in a semi-wild environment. They cull in the field and process on the farm avoiding stressful journeys for their animals. In turn, their meat is tender and full of flavour.

Phone: 01732 761672

Location: Seal Chart, Kent

How to order

Call 01732 761672 or shop online. Click & collect also available.

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