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Master Butcher Robert Martin and the family were trained by Robert's late father, Chris, who had over 40 years' experience in supplying premium quality and superb tasting meat and poultry.

Since records began, there has been a butcher in Seal from 1861, serving high quality meats and poultry. Now established as H W Coldbreath, the business has grown along with the Martin family's prize-winning herd of cattle which supplies the butchers with delicious beef.

More than 40 years in business has enabled them to build strong relationships with regional farmers, ensuring the highest living and welfare standards of the animals and, ultimately, the best quality meat for their customers.

At H W Coldbreath, their commitment to excellence is seen from pasture to the plate, with all meat and free-range poultry fully traceable and sourced from farmers who have been specially selected by the family for their commitment to high standards of breeding and feeding. Our meat is slaughtered at their local abattoir and hung at their shop to ensure that the quality of our products remains consistently high.

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Call 01732 761040 or email to place an order - 1 week's notice needed.

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