About Us

FEASTIN was launched by Sarah & James Batters during the UK Covid-19 lockdown as a not-for-profit project to help their local community, Sevenoaks in Kent, find places to order food and produce when supermarkets were restricted. It was also an opportunity to work with local restaurants and chefs and help them pivot their businesses to serve their food and community in a different way.

During this period, we learnt a lot about how people want to dine-in at home . We found out what is important to them, and what kind of exciting food experience they are looking for - whether it's date night, a big birthday celebration or just a night off cooking with something much, much better than a lukewarm unhealthy takeaway.

We have a mission to bring the quality and expertise of restaurants into our customers' homes. We partner with some of the most exciting chefs in the UK, who develop carefully curated meal kits. Our kits are transported to our customers by courier direct from the restaurant, ensuring that they arrive in the best possible condition and true to the chef's vision.

The kits will consist of raw and cooked ingredients. There are some secrets the chef wants to keep that will come ready prepared, like the recipe for a signature sauce. But learning as you go along is all part of the experience and replicating the dish is the ultimate accomplishment. With the option for a perfect wine paring (sent by the restaurant's sommelier) our customers can prepare a beautiful meal in their homes and create lasting food memories.